Akon Net Worth is still stable (Updated)

  • Akon net worth: $80,000,000 ⇑
  • His Yearly Sum (Earning): $15 million average

Here we go… His net worth revolves around the mark of $80 Million and owns a mansion in Georgia which he bought for a reported $1,650,000. He also owns a home in Atlanta which he bought for $2.8 Million. He is fond of collecting cars hence his garage is the house for Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Dartz. His $30 Million earnings in a single year is the highest one he has earned in a year, in his career (2012).


Few album earnings of Akon:

  1. Stadium: $7 million
  2. The Koncrete: $5 million
  3. Akonic: $4,570,000
  4. Freedom: $4,000,000
  5. It’s a Shakedown: $3.75 million

We all know one of the popular artist “Akon” but this is not his real name. His real name is really a tough one, “Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam”. Mostly regarded as his work on R&B style as a vocalist, his style is popular by his very own worldwide hit songs. Some of his hits are alone whereas other belong to some partnerships with other stars. Let’s compare Akon’s net worth according to past years:

2011 $25,000,000
2012 $42,000,000
2013 $55,000,000
2014 $70,000,000
2015 $80,000,000

He has been a member of several criticisms like his criminal records which still haunt him. His on the stage attitude is also considered a bit extreme but it shows he has riches lifestyle. He was pursing his degree when suddenly he realized that it is the time to do some work by your own and singing was the one which he identified. Writing his very own songs, it was really difficult to market his stuff as no investor was available. His debut song was like a blast for everyone, a blast full of surprise as he came in to professional arena with a very strong debut.

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