Alex Riley a former WWE start photo and his wealth

Alex Riley wrestler net worth – WWE poor scripting ruined his career

“Alex Riley” whose original name is “Kevin Robert Kiley Jr”, climbed the WWE faster than most of the youngsters from NXT, hitting to almost every opportunity along the way. He has a net worth of even less than $1.35 Million. In June 2010, he began as a young superstar on 2nd season of NXT. Talented Riley joined the WWE superstar The Miz as his assistant and Vice President of Corporate Communications.

  • Alex Riley net worth: $1.35 million
  • Average yearly income: $250k yearly

Considered to be The Miz’s right hand man, Riley’s main mission was to guarantee his boss held the WWE Championship, most prominently against John Cena at WrestleMania XXVII. However, when Cena after a long period secured the title from The Miz weeks after the fight at WWE event Extreme Rules, the relationship between Riley and The Miz started to get worse and at last Riley became the true reason for the loss of The Miz.

Alex Riley a former WWE start photo and his wealth
Alex Riley edited picture

Fans enjoyed the new face of Riley when he went against The Miz because he was tired to listen the stupid and angry talks as well as allegations of The Miz towards him. Since leaving The Miz, Riley turned into the effective WWE superstar just like others believed to be about him. He took revenge from The Miz by defeating him in 2011 at WWE event Capitol Punishment.

As I criticize on the poor scripting of WWE regarding the stories as well as WWE is not real at all, my point can be proved by the fact that John Cena challenged Riley to a match which, if Cena won, Riley would never again be The Miz’s student. The Miz accepted the challenge for the match in place of Riley and soon after that Cena and Riley went head to head in a steel cage match. Riley lost the match.

The point I am sharing here is that Riley was looking to leave WWE for Florida Championship Wrestling while WWE just made another story here and played with another character all the way and ruined his career at WWE.