Bernie Sanders politician net worth

Bernie Sanders net worth – Politician

Bernie Sanders net worth: American politician “Bernard Sanders” is looking to get his chance on the presidential seat this time and he is doing everything he can to get on that seat but seriously I don’t think he really stands a big chance against the mighty ones. He has a net worth of $335,000, making him one of the poorest candidates for presidential seat this time but one of the popular one around among the public right now.

I believe he has a good stand on number of issues but politics in America is totally different as he will really not get a chance to become president of USA. Reason is simple, he is facing power houses and people like “Hilary” (support of Bill Clinton) will not let him take that place when it is actually their time to get this golden opportunity. According to Bloomberg his biggest annual fund collection is approx $25-per-person.

Bernie Sanders politician net worth
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I listened to his tax debate recently and found it totally a disastrous one. No tax for the some but yes for others, this will really hurt support of Americans economist as well as country economy too and this stance might have decreased his voters bank. On the other hand, some of his policies are really important. He is debating a number of real issues in America fairly. According to publicintegrity he is receiving more than $26,000 in royalties.

I found important media houses not supporting him much which should not actually happen. He deserves same coverage as that of other candidates. It is up to the supporters of Sanders to make him appear through high class media channels as they are not letting his messages being aired on their channels because they are supported by financially stable candidates.

One more bad point I noticed in his policies is the socialism he wants to bring. Socialism destroy countries and in no way good for the well being of Americans. On the other side, I love his stance of “Americans troop belongs to us and we should take them away from wars like against ISIS, Talbians in Afghanistan etc”.