Bo Dallas edited image of thumbs up in ring

Bo Dallas updated Earnings (Not financially strong like his brother Bray Wyatt)

“Taylor Michael Rotunda” who is known around by his ring name “Bo Dallas” holds the record of being the 1st wrestler to show up on the NXT TV by going head to head against “Rick Victor” in the opening match of the 1st scene. Dallas had a great rivalry in NXT with “Big E and “Seth Rollins. He is currently having a net worth of $350,000.

  • Bo Dallas yearly salary: $85k
  • Bo Dallas total worth: $350k
Bo Dallas edited image of thumbs up in ring
Taylor Michael Rotunda a.k.a Bo Dallas

Dallas won a NXT competition at the Royal Rumble Axxess occasion in January of 2013 which earned him a spot in the official WWE main Royal Rumble. Dallas knocked out that time’s Intercontinental ChampionWade Barrett which started to raise his fame as well as a number of fans started to believe that he is a good talent. After this there was a match on NXT where Wade crushed Dallas and took his revenge of humiliation at the hands of Dallas at Royal Rumble.

He earns a yearly salary of $85,000 in 2015 excluding bonuses. Although it is a reasonable money but not a big earner like these stars. In the year 2012 he was caught driving while having drugs however later was released with a bond of $500.

He earned a NXT title shot and defeated champion Big E in 2013 by slamming his head into an uncovered turnbuckle. Then he held the title for a record 280 days as a champion but then dropping the title to “Adrian Neville” at NXT Arrival.

I’m not shocked that he’s not getting much opportunities in the ring. I’m still not sure that the character will discover extraordinary achievement in the WWE because back at NXT he struggled a lot to make a name for himself but still I’m confident that WWE story writers can reproduce this character in a good way. It’s all about time we all will see whether he will be a hit or miss at WWE. His brother Bray Wyatt is a successful and established wrestler in WWE right now. [Original image source: chicagonow]