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Bono Net worth 2015 and why I criticism him?

Despite my all one sided criticism which i mentioned below, Bono net worth is $600 Million in 2015. Now my all hate even with proofs is totally rejected by his net worth. He is a good businessman in my opinion. His investment value in Facebook right now is more than $90,000,000 and he holds only 1% share of Facebook.The real name of “Bono” is “Paul David Hewson”. I am not a big fan of this singer as well as not like his songs at all except the few. To be honest, I have not paid much attention to what he is and what he do. You guys might find this article like totally against him but seriously I will share my reasons for such hate. Before reading Bono total worth details I’ll recommend to check Bruce Springsteen exact worth too.

Full Name: Paul David Hewson
Bono net worth: $600,000,000
Yearly Money: $72,000,000
Popular as Singer

Singer Bono photo in 3d glasses
Paul David Hewson
Names Earning from this
Entourage 50,000,000
U2 3D 37,500,000
Entourage 34,285,714
Brüno 30,769,231
From the Sky Down 26,086,957
Total money of these Movies 178,641,902
  • Birth Day Date: May 10, 1960
  • Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Bono Singer net worth in these years
2011 $307,692,307
2012 $406,779,661
2013 $500,000,000
2014 $545,454,546
2015 $600,000,000
Many of you don’t hate him at all but we all have to believe that his majority of acts do irritate all of us. Just look at his number of charity initiatives, almost all FAILED.

Now you know all about Bono 2015 net worth but we have to discuss more.

I do not say that he lacks talent but he really lacks talent. Confusing enough? Well, he is talented but not good talented at all. Some hits not make you an overall good as well as important person. He reacts and celebrates like he is the only important person around in this world but reality is totally opposite to that. Also compare Bono net worth with Bon Jovi and Chris Martin who is the Band Aid 30 member. .

He gained his popularity mostly because of his band U2 created back in 1980s. The Irish man is the owner of The Clarence Hotel which is situated in Dublin and Elevation Partners. His life achievements includes 22 Grammy Awards under his name.

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