net worth of Brad Pitt expalins he is still richest male in any celebrity couple

Brad Pitt Net worth 2015 – Richest actor in celebs couple

As far as Brad Pitt net worth is concern then $240 million is not bad at all. “William Bradley Pitt” is a hot property and became much hotter after getting married to another hot lady “Angelina Jolie”. A net worth of $385 Million if we combined with Angelina (They are one of the richest Hollywood couple). He currently living in the south of France ($20 million house). He sold his previous Malibu house for an estimated $13.5 Million.

Full Name: William Bradley Pitt.
Brad Pitt net worth 2015: $240,000,000
Yearly Money: $29,000,000
Popular as Actor

If you look at Brad, he really looks handsome but within his age fellows. You will find way better hot persons than Brad who are quite younger than him like Chris Prat. We should all accept that he cannot have his beauty of 30’s forever as he is going older now (51) and his beauty thing definitely going away gradually. His last big success, World War Z, earned him $14,000,000. His movie “The Departed” where he worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, made $290 million at box office.

net worth of Brad Pitt expalins he is still richest male in any celebrity couple
Brad Pitt is one of the top level highest paid actor

His current ads deal with the popular cars brand Cadillac earns him $3,000,000. He has a current total worth of $240 Million. Have a look on his few movies earnings:

Mega mind 20,000,000
World War Z 15,000,000
The Counselor 13,714,286
Voyage of Time 12,307,692
Fury 10,434,783
Total money of above Movies 71,456,761

With the couple in the marriage bond, many kids are under there adoption. This may be one reason why he looks older now as he is more inclined towards the duty of a father as well as not dying his hairs as he used to do. I am quite impressed with his works off the field rather than on the field. His acting is not the best but his community works are amazing. As a producer he is successful too, I would like like to mention his co-production “Shantaram” with Johnny Depp which is big hit. But question is Ben Affleck really like it?

Brad Pitt net worth in last years:

  • 2011: $123 million
  • 2012: $160 million
  • 2013: $200 million
  • 2014: $215 million
  • 2015: $240M

Pitt has great interest in watching movies of other Hollywood stars like he went to watch Bradley Cooper’s movie The Elephant Man and made some funny remarks. My point is he always support other stars work too. Let’s come back to our topic. As you can calculate yourself from above statistics, Brad Pitt net worth is $25 million more as compared to last year (2014). No doubt, he is an great actor and filmmaker from Oklahoma, United States.

Brad estimated earnings per year is $29,000,000 which he earned by signing these films contracts: By the Sea, Fury, Happy Feet Two, Killing Them Softly, Mega mind, Money ball, The Counselor, The Tree of Life, Voyage of Time, World War Z and many more. Mr Pitt also earns from sponsorship, guest appearances and featuring in programs which amount gross almost $7,500,000 annually.

He definitely has increased his rating through stepping in multiple humanitarian services with Angelina. He still has some multiple contracts for films which shows that his professional acting career is still in demand especially by renowned directors. I am really looking forward, anxiously, for his World War Z 2 and work with Vin Diesel. Brad Pitt $240 million net worth in 2015 clearly explains that he is the most happy and richest actor among other millionaire celebs couple.

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