Julia Dreyfus Net Worth

Julia Dreyfus is not a billionaire at the moment but she will inherit a handsome amount after her father’s death. Julia Louis Dreyfus net worth in 2017 is $200 million.

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Vanessa Lengies Net Worth

Vanessa Lengies has a current net worth of almost $7.5 Million. Despite getting a good start, I do not know the exact reason for why this Canadian star was not able to follow the success and her rhythm of acting to the next level.

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Custom image for 2015 richest adult female celebs

List: Richest Adult Actresses of 2015 (successful but too late to turn back now)

Check 2015 richest adult actresses list here. It’s a really tough decision for the female actors to enter into this form of work. Despite the criticism they often get, some have been successful in gaining the top positions. Amongst the richest adult actresses, the one that has earned the most has a net worth of $12 million. Then comes the huge amount of $11 million. This gets followed by $10 million.

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Photo of Jennifer Aniston and her 2015 worth

Jennifer Aniston net worth 2015 (She has potential to win OSCAR)

Check Jennifer Aniston net worth stats of 2015 here. This millionaire actress has all the potential to win OSCAR at least once in her career. She is trying her to get it and I can bet that she will definitely win an OSCAR. Winner of 32 awards out of possible 85, Jennifer Aniston is currently having a net worth of $150 Million. According to Forbes whereas she earned $27 Million in the year 2008 as disclosed by Forbes. As of 2014 she was ranked on Forbes Top Earning Actresses, earning $31 million in a year.

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Jennifer Lopez 2015 net worth and her photo

Jennifer Lopez Net worth 2015 (166 awards winner out of 354 nominations)

Check out Jennifer Lopez Net worth details of 2015 here. Lopez became the first Latina actress to earn more than $10,000,000 Million for a role with Out of Sight film. She was awarded $545,000 in compensatory damages by court order in 2006. In 2008, a magazine paid a reported $60,000,000 Million to Lopez for introducing her twin children on Issue of People

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Jennifer Lawrence font pose image and her net worth

Jennifer Lawrence Net worth 2015

Check out one of the richest actress Jennifer Lawrence Net worth details of 2015 here. She is the winner of Academy Award for Best Actress and 2 Golden Globe Awards. Currently with a net worth of $55 Million, she earned $34 Million in 2014. In the Combination of salary, bonuses and escalators with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she earned US$$10,000,000. Her role as an actress in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past grossed 748.1 Million worldwide from which she earned $8 million. She owns a Chevy Volt car of US$39,000.

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