this J.J. Abrams image showing his worth

How much J. J. Abrams net worth in 2015? Detailed Answer revealed

Check out J. J. Abrams net worth 2015 information in this article. He is one of the directors to take the TV industry as well as Film industry together. He has done incredible work in both departments with his intelligence and a vision to try something new always. “Jeffrey Jacob Abrams” net worth is $95 Million in 2015. Winner of 2 PGA awards and 2 Emmy awards earned $28 Million in 2014.

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Peter Jackson famous director net worth

Peter Jackson net worth 2015 – gave lot of great films

Check out Peter Jackson net worth details in this article. His career is full of success stories and I think that now his time to come back again in top 5 at the age of 53 is quite difficult because he has already given a lot of great collections to the film’s industry. He is having a current net worth of $400 Million.

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Steven Spielberg richest person photo and his income details

Steven Spielberg net worth – important person of new Hollywood era.

Check out updated Steven Spielberg net worth info here. He is one of the co-founders of popular Dream Works studio. Spielberg is considered one of the richest and important person of new Hollywood era. He is currently having a net worth of US$3.9 Billion in 2015. He earned a total of $100 Million in 2014. His every film exceeded $8.5 billion worldwide with respect to unadjusted gross.

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Seth MacFarlane money and latest image of 2015

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

Have a look on updated Seth MacFarlane net worth of 2015 information. In this industry he is one of those who have created less shows but with better success rate with lots of money. In the year 2014, he earned an estimated of $32 Million whereas in 2013 and 2012 he earned $50 Million and $35 Million respectively. According to an estimation, he earned $75,000,000 from sales of straight to DVD movie called Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story in 2005 and $38,000,000 through total sales of DVDs since 2003.

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Oprah Winfrey Net worth 2015 (Most Influential Woman)

Read Most Influential Woman Oprah Winfrey net worth details of 2015 here. Queen of All Media is the richest African-American of the 20th century. Right now, Oprah Winfrey is having real time worth of US$3 Billion according to FORBES. She has donated more than US$450 Million in charitable donations with an average income of US$250 Million. She also owns a private jet of US$47 Million. She spent more than US$100 Million to open a Girl’s school in South Africa. She makes an average US$350 Million from her show alone.

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Naughty Boy income

Naughty Boy Net worth – Singer, producer

Read Naughty Boy (DJ, record Producer) net worth info here. In London Guildhall University he studied business and marketing but his passion and talent compelled him to start his music career. Shahid khan is the story of a passionate person who worked day and night for the sake of music career. Due to lack of finances he did many jobs as worker in Domino Pizza and in some hospital too.

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