2015 Tennis Salary list (updated) and racket photo

Tennis player salaries, Prize money (Men & Women)

All Tennis player salaries, Prize money: We posted Men & Women tennis updated salary list. Top players (pros) getting massive income in terms of sponsorships, prize money per match, TV ads and guest appearance fees. Tennis is the game of big determinations and stamina. Tennis is played and watch in many countries or should I say all over the world. Yes you heard right “All World”! This is the one of top 7 playing sport of the world.

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Heather Watson no 1 British tennis player earning

Heather Watson Salary, prize money and net worth

Read about British No 1 Heather Watson salary and her net worth stats here. She has a bright future but can her young shoulder carry too much pressure of performance, media and crowd? Cannot say anything but I hope she has the potential to do wonders.

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