Income stats of Chad Kelly and Laquon Treadwell

Chad Kelly vs Laquon Treadwell Net Worth

So you think only professional NFL players earn alot? No man! Chad Kelly who is “Ole Miss Rebels” QB also earning $150 thousand yearly from university team. We estimated his current net worth around $500 thousand only which is superb at university level.

Online news website reported that he broke the Eli Manning’s Touchdowns Record which is one of the great achievement for him and I have no doubts that big NFL franchises will try to catch him in their roster.

From earlier days he is considered as the top threat in his class, even at that time when he was part of college team or university football. I think this is all about his family genes because Jim Kelly pro footballer (his uncle) is also got hall of fame achievement.

Income stats of Chad Kelly and Laquon Treadwell

Now we talk about Laquon Treadwell

This Young, rich boy is team mate of Kelly but why I am going to compare both of them? Because there is big chatter among fans who will be considered as future best American footballer. This wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has net worth is $350 thousand which is less then Kelly. Treadwell also got award and of SEC Freshman of the Year in 2013 with other appreciation.

Who will be richest one in future? It totally depends upon their contracts/team and definitely performances. I see Chad kelly net worth and fame will be more in upcoming years. What is your views?