Chris Evans income

Chris Evans Net worth 2015 and his movies earning

Chris Evans net worth in 2015 is around $40 million while his average salary is $9 million. Right now, he is, in my opinion, one of the most wanted stars who made this huge net worth by acting in great movies. Marvel always requires perfection and as Chris Evans signed in 2013 for Marvel, he went into Marvel’s owned therapy to shape himself 100% according to the Marvel demands. Do you know Marvel has worth of $5 billion.

Full Name: Christopher Robert Evans.
Chris Evans net worth: $40,000,000
Yearly Salary: $9 Million

40 million usd Chris Evans net worth actor a.k.a captain america

With a present net worth exceeding $40 Million, he is one of the popular actors not only in Hollywood but also in the whole world. We all know him as the Captain America. This Captain America character is his second super hero role. His first super hero role was as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic 4 which initiated his popularity bars.

His movies earning:

The Losers $1.8 million
What’s Your Number? $1 million
A Many Splintered Thing $1 million
1:30 Train $900,000
Avengers: Age of Ultron $3 million

From Captain America, he charged $10 million while this movie made business of $715 million at box office while budget was only $170M. Now there is his upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War” which will be big hit for Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson. He loves to work on his personality. He believes in changing his looks according to the trend, he does feel a lot of pressure by doing this but in order to be at top in Hollywood, a star must adapt himself according to changing trends.

Chris Evans net worth comparison between last years ↑

2011: $17 million
2012: $20 million
2013: $25 million
2014: $34 million
2015: $40 million

He is also a big contributor to multiple charities. He has a soft spot in his heart for the children. He has recently debuted as a director too in his own film before We Go, in which he is also the lead actor. You may not believe this but he initially rejected the role of Captain America because he cares much about his privacy and success of Captain America is a threat to his personal life.

According to reports, he grabbed $3 Million for the latest Avengers role. Despite facing many ups and downs in his career, he still maintains a nice financial support.