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Chris Pratt Net worth 2015 – Actor (Updated)

Full Name: Christopher Michael Pratt.
Chris Pratt net worth: $21,000,000
Yearly Money: $5,000,000
Popular as Actor

Chris Pratt income and his pictures in tie and dress
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Movies Names Earning from this Movie)
Guardians of the Galaxy $1,500,000
The Lego Movie $900,000
Mr. Payback $750,000
Her $400,000
Delivery Man $180,000
  • Birth Day Date:June 21, 1979
  • Place of Birth:Virginia, Minnesota, USA
Chris Pratt Actor net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $1,370,000
2012 $2,000,000
2013 $2,500,000
2014 $4,000,000
2015 $21,000,000
Now you know all about Chris Pratt net worth. But we have to discuss more about his success.

Celebrities Money proudly present their all time favorite American actor.  According to People magazine’s he is one of the top Sexiest Men Alive of 2014 (they ranked him at 2nd position just after the Chris Hemsworth). I guess we all watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Right? This single movie generated $1.5 million for him while GOG (guardian of galaxy) made $772.7 million at box office and making budget was only $170 million. Yes my fiends they are big fishes.

His popularity is growing. He is still learning in the film category of acting. But if you look at his number of English dramas, you will find him on of the amazing talented guys around. His 2 recent films were quite successful than the expectations. He was funny as well as looking handsome in those but last 2 films now brings 3 different paths for him. Whether he wants to be a funny guy in future, a handsome film actor in the upcoming life or acting in the dramas? I believe he must select the film option because this is the chance where he can change his career and take it to the new heights.

Chris Pratt net worth is $21 million (current in 2015). Point to ponder is: he has no movie or television background. He is just a son of supermarket worker. Chris Pratt started his professional career in 2000 and working hard from last 15 years. Aso compare Pratt income with Zoe Saldana.

His featuring or guest appearance, movie/drama promotion amount per year is approximately $180k. He has a struggling career like many other world class actors who are now playing in dollars. He married to Anna Faris in 2009, she is actress and singer by profession.

I say, he is a truly talented and gifted actor with his recent film, Jurassic Park, still breaking records, he is definitely a new force to challenge the top Hollywood actors. I admire his professional seriousness as his father died when he was shooting for the film but still he handled all the things as a lead actor with great responsibility. This serious dedication for work proves that he is a good new introduction in the market and a safe investment to cash on. Sudden increment in Chris pratt net worth is due to his last super hit movie (Yes I am talking about dinosaurs). He agreed to receive $10 Million from the film Jurassic Park while this movie earned profit of more than $320 Million all around the world.