Classified income

Classified net worth (Luke Boyd)

“Luke Boyd” is known for his hard work that is why he has net worth around $3 million. For him, it does not matter that whether he is in a contract with a production house or independently using all his resources, he always writes and makes music with his powerful tool of talent. He worked from scratch with no support, all of his own and became one of the best national level artist. He has a total worth of $3 Million and has earned approximately $2 Million combined from his albums Unpredictable, Classified, Handshakes and Middle Fingers, Boycott in the Industry and Trial and Error.

Classified net worth: $3,000,000
Yearly Money: $1.54 million
Popular as Rapper

I personally see his rapping to be softer. He is a better producer rather than an alone standing rapper in front of crowd. His beats are amazing but without his beats, he is easily exposed to his multiple weaknesses.

Classified income

Popular as Classified, he is one of the respected rapper and producer in the industry. A normal guy with no rich status, he became the icon of hip hop music for the Canadians just by listening to local radios and then implementing his ideas in to reality.

Living in a small village, he recognized that he will not get anything better by remaining in this place. So, he settled to a near urban area where he took with him his fathers’ band equipment to practice there. Releasing his Times Up song with Half Life Records in 1995, this was just the start of many other songs as he continued to release various songs through this platform.

The experienced people available at the Half Life Records helped Classified to remove weaknesses in his work and guided him way better than anyone else.

His Touch of Class song was the his massive hit in my opinion as he started receiving fame and following at the national level.