Conchita Wurst income

Conchita Wurst Net worth -Singer aka Drag Queen – Austrian originated boy

Full Name: Thomas Neuwirth.
Conchita Wurst  net worth: $3,000,000
Yearly Money: $435,000
Popular as Singer

Conchita Wurst photos in beared and his Earnings
Drag Queen
Albums Names Earning from this Album)
Silvía Night $250,000
DQ $188,500
Rise Like a Phoenix $172,500
That’s What I Am $155,000
Unbreakable $140,000
Total money of these Albums $900k
  • Birth Day Date:November 06, 1988
  • Place of Birth: Gmunden, Austria
Conchita Wurst Singer net worth in these years (USD)
2011 1,538,461
2012 2,033,898
2013 2,500,000
2014 2,727,273
2015 3,000,000
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He is an Austrian originated boy who is notorious in the world by the name of Conchita Wrust. He is a professional singer and is also known as Drag Queen. Conchita started his professional career in 2006 before Valerie Anne Poxleitner(lights).

Conchita succeeded in attaining the attention of international community by winning an award of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 due to a song namely “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Conchita contains double personality, he is openly gay. His appearance is also neither of male nor of female, who always dress like women and having a beard of male.

When he refers something to Neuwrith he became male and whenever he refers something to Conchita Wrust he became a female personality. International community is also divided into two parts related to decision of Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Eastern Europe is unhappy on giving him this award and that’s the reason they are Condemning. One important about Conchita he always performs for the rights of lesbians, gay Transgender and bisexual rights.