Corey Feldman income

Corey Feldman Net Worth – updated wealth assets

He is considered to be one of the most amazing singers as well as actors that have entertained people over the year. Corey Feldman has current net worth of $2 million. It is usually difficulty for a person to manage two careers at a time but he managed both the careers with quite a lot of satisfaction for himself as well as for his fans.

  • Full Name: Corey Scott Feldman
  • Corey Feldman net worth: $2,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $700,000 average

His efforts paid him off finally and in the year 2015, the actor come singer is reportedly said to be having a wealth assets of 2 million dollars. Corey Feldman started off his career as an actor in the year 1980. Fame didn’t come slowly to the actor as he became a huge after right after being a part of one of the most amazing productions Stand By Me”. Here are few earning break down:

  1. Maverick $566,667
  2. Dream a Little Dream 2: $425,000
  3. Red Line: $314,000
  4. The Zombie King: $202,564
  5. Busted: $200,000

The main reason why the actor got successful in a small period of time and why he could manage both his career simultaneously is because he choose all his productions with a great amount of care and caution. Initially, none of the projects that he worked in got unsuccessful and this made the actor a huge star.

Corey Feldman is not just cute celebrity but richest too

He always had a natural inclination towards music. According to me, the actor’s decision to step into singing is one of the best decisions he has ever made in his life as he is now known to be one of the best musicians that have ever existed.

Corey Feldman’s net worth in previous years

2011: $500,000
2012: $855,000
2013: $1,000,000
2014: $1,752,000
2015: $2,000,000

The band Truth Movement helped him establishing his reputation as a singer and his fan following enhanced further. His band was one of the most sought after bands and it helped him getting a lot of musical show sand events in his kitty. Not only this but the actor and singer was a face of many commercials that further helped him filing up his bank account.