Crystal Reed income

Crystal Reed Net worth change after Teen Wolf

Full Name: Crystal Marie Reed
Crystal Reed net worth: $2,000,000
Yearly Money: $755,000
Popular as Actress
Crystal Marie Reed actress worth and her luxury lifestyle
Names list
Earning from this
Too Late $765,000
Crush $525,000
Teen Wolf $1,250,000
Crazy, Stupid, Love. $500,000
Skyline $300,000
Total earnings from these approx $3.5 million
  • Birth Day Date:February 06, 1985
  • Place of Birth:Detroit, Michigan, USA
Crystal Reed net worth in last years
2011 $1,025,641
2012 $1,355,932
2013 $1,666,667
2014 $1,818,182
2015 $2,000,000
Crystal Reed does not belong any artistic family but she loves music and dance. She started dancing in early age when she was in school. After school she performed in many local communities and theaters. The amazing thing about her that she didn’t join acting accidentally because she took regular classes to learn acting.

Crystal Reed is a famous young actress of Hollywood which is mostly called as Dimple Girl has left her famous MTV series “Teen Wolf”. She was playing a role as Allison Argent in “Teen Wolf” and got fame from these series. She was my favorite character in that series and when she left I also quit watching that series.

I love her cute dimpled smile and she looks more younger than her age. Her age is 29 now, but look like less than 20. I am still confused why she left that series because it was the first platform for her to get recognition among people. I read in the news that she likes to play different roles that’s why she is leaving the series. No doubt she is cute and glamorous and perfect option to choose for more movies but she didn’t get any major role in movies. The reason could be she has always focused and attached to TV series and did not try to make link in movies.

Her studies about acting reflects in her professional work and that’s why she could be able to manage the Net Worth of $2 Million. The major source of her income is basically “Teen Wolf” series. She is also getting paid by some sponsors, featuring programs, advertisements and endorsements. All these sources are able to manage good yearly income for her which is estimated around $755k. I think she should move to movies instead of TV series because it will help her to manage good earnings and increase in number of fans too. Now you know how much Crystal Reed has net worth.

The wealth status of a celebrities pretty much tells about the popularity of that particular celebrity. The net worth however doesn’t only include the gross profit made by the albums sold by the singers or the movies made by them but also include the money made from the commercials done by them as well as the events attended by them. As the series or the movie that a star has worked in gets successful, his or her net worth enhances to a great level. The same thing happened with Crystal reed after the success of teen wolf as her net worth increased soon after the series was released.

The pretty actress started her career with Too Late that gave her a net worth of $765,000 which is quite high keeping in mind her first project. After she got done with her second project Crush, her net worth enhanced to $525,000. After teen wolf, she worked in crazy, stupid love that became one of the highest grosser ever giving her a net worth of $500,000.

The actress did not stop here and after being a part of several projects, her net worth in the year 2015 is being quoted to be $3.5 million. This is without any doubt quite a high value for any actress that is so young and yet has achieved so much in her lifetime with the help of hard work and determination. The actress is known for her beautiful dimples and her dimples actually helped her gaining such a huge fan following across the world.

The 29 years old petite actress prefers working in quality projects rather than focusing on quantity and this is precisely the reason behind her increased net worth compared to the other actors and actresses being in the same league as well as the age group.