Denzel Washington income

Denzel Washington Net worth – Classic millionaire actor

Full Name: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.
Denzel Washington net worth: $150,000,000
Yearly Money: $23,000,000
Popular as Actor
Denzel Washington net worth is massive just like his personality
Movies Names Earning from this Movie$)
Flight $15,000,000
Unstoppable $11,875,000
The Book of Eli $10,000,000
 The Taking of Pelham 123 $8,000,000
American Gangster 8,500,000
Total money of above: $50 million approx
  • Birth Day Date: December 28, 1954
  • Place of Birth: Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Denzel Washington Actor net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $150 million
2012 $180M
2013 $200 million
2014 $230 Million
2015 $150,000,000
Now you know all about Denzel Washington net worth. A bad role by a great actor does not always means than it is the mistake by an actor, it can also include problems in scripts etc.

I totally admire the contributions of “Denzel Hayes Washington” in the field of acting. The 60 years has a lot of experience behind his back. Lot means really a huge experience. He has played a number of different characters in his professional life. I do not recall any poor or bad performance by him but it will be amazing if you recall any such kind of bad thing (although I am actually challenging you because there is almost none).

He has an amazing net worth almost $150 Million. His salary from movies is also quite high like $40,000,000 from American Gangster and $20,000,000 each from Out of Time and Man of Fire movies. If we talk about Denzel Washington living lifestyle then these celebs are not far away from him:

From silence, frustration, honesty to violence, aggression and calmness, he has played all such acts with amazing precision. He has always shown an extra dedication to each role. He always tries to perform the character more than the required. I believe this pure love with his roles makes him more likeable.

Let me clear, Denzel Washington net worth is $150 million in 2015 which we just updated (from $190 million) i.e decreased. Mr Washington is an great actor, film director from New York, USA. This legendary American actor, film director started his career in 1974 and gave extra ordinary roles for their follwers.

We estimated his yearly salary around $23,030,000. He earned money by signing these films contracts: American Gangster, Déjà Vu, Flight, Inside Man, Safe House, The Book of Eli, The Equalizer, The Great Debaters, The Taking of Pelham 123, Unstoppable and many more. We also mentioned Denzel Washington few movies income in above table. I hope you and other New York, U.S. people want to have $150,000,000 net worth like Denzel Washington. He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in different programs which amount is estimated $3,125,000.

He is an intelligent actor and I will recommend you to see his some movies which will make you to watch his more movies. He may not have those handsome looks now but people call him handsome because of his extraordinary acting roles. He has a class of his own. If you want to fall in love with his looks than just look at his younger side and you will find how he dominated the industry from the early stages.

Denzel Washington Divorce

He is married to the famous actress Pauletta Pearson and their marriage is something to which people term as “relationship goals”. They have been together through thick and thin and have made four beautiful babies together.  So far it has been an ideal marriage, a marriage which people like you and me dream off.

But lately we have been hearing rumors regarding their split. It has been reported that Denzel has cheated on his wife several times in 2003 and 2013. In 2013 it was reported that Denzel was having an affair with another actress “Sanaa Lathan” which shocked his friends and followers to a great deal.  God knows that to what extent this is true.

Although Denzel has completely denied any possibility of divorce but sources have reported that the couple spent their 30th anniversary apart from each other. It has been rumored that she is filing for divorce in the New York City. This will be a really sad ending to this fairy tale marriage if it ends up this way. The couple is falling apart, mainly because of the infidelity of Denzel.

I have always idolized this marriage. In the black community they have been an epitome of love, a perfect couple who loved and adored each other. Personally I would love to see both of them together forever. In today’s world, such strong couples give me hope and restores my faith in marriage. Lastly, Pauletta Pearson worth is much less then Denzel Washington. but still unknown.