Photo of WWE star Diego

Diego WWE star Salary- How he made it? I love his high flying moves in the ring

“Edwin Carlos Colón” is right now signed by WWE wrestling under the ring name “Diego” and is the member of the group known as Los Matadores with his cousin “Orlando Colón” who is competing under the ring name “Fernando”. He is having a current net worth of $195,000.

He is a 2nd generation superstar, son of “Carlos Colón”. His siblings are also wrestlers, “Stacy” and “Carly Colón” who is known by his ring name “Carlito” in WWE. He earned an estimated salary of $32,500 in 2013 with winning rewards of worth $9,630. In 2014, he received $44,828 as his salary and $14,444 as bonuses. He was declared with a net worth of $105,405 and $130,000 in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Photo of WWE star Diego
Diego wrestler edited image

For me he is a young and charismatic wrestler from Puerto Rico and is changing the fans support towards himself with his high flying moves in the ring. He came back to WWE with his all new identity and is definitely improving himself day by day through his awesome performances. He still has a lot to learn and earn in WWE.

He began his wrestling career through wrestling in the rings of World Wrestling Council. In 2007, Colón agreed to a contract with WWE and was being transferred to Florida Championship Wrestling. He then became the 1st wrestler to win the FCW Florida Tag Team title with his partner “Eric Perez” on February 03, 2010. The Colóns also turned in to the 1st ever WWE tag team of the world to hold the WWE Tag Team title as well as World Tag Team title at the same time and hence becoming the 1st ever Unified WWE Tag Team Champions.

He has won number of titles in his career including World Tag Team title, WWC World Junior Heavyweight title, Florida Tag Team title, WWE Tag Team title, WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight title, WWC World Tag Team title and WWC Universal Heavyweight title. He was ranked at 72 by PWI top 500 wrestlers as of 2012.