Eddie Vedder Net worth – Singer

Full Name: Eddie Vedder.
Eddie Vedder net worth: $85,000,000
Yearly Money: $10,303,000
Popular as Singer
Eddie Vedder networth
Movies Names Earning from this Movie ($)
12/12/2013 7,083,333
Pearl Jam Twenty 5,312,500
 Into the Wild 4,857,143
Ukulele Songs 4,358,974
Fair Warning 3,695,652
Total money of these Movies 25,307,603
Eddie Vedder Singer net worth in these years (USD)
2011 43,589,743
2012 57,627,118
2013 70,833,333
2014 77,272,728
2015 85,000,000
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Eddie Vedder net worth is $85 million in 2015. Eddie Vedder is an great Musician from Evanston .This American Musician started his career in 1979 . His estimated salary per year is $10,303,000 . He earned money by signing these albums contracts: “Better Days” , “Can’t Keep” , “Hard Sun” , “Longing to Belong” , “Without You”. We also mentioned Eddie Vedder income per albums .I hope you and other Evanston people want to have $85,000,000 net worth like Eddie Vedder . He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in programs which amount is $2,656,250 .