El Torito wrestler image in ring

El Torito Wrestler Earnings: small sized star worth is only $100k

His real name is not of public concern because he is one of those Mexican wrestlers who like to keep their professional and public life totally different from each other. He is a small sized wrestler of just 4.5 ft. His current net worth is only $100,000 because he is not a complete fighter at all.

Sorry fans!! but, I think he will not get a big or even normal success in WWE at all if wrestling is only the concern because of his high, lack of fighting skills and lack of power as well.

He is popular under ring names “Mascarita Dorada” and “Mascarita Sagrada” from the past. According to current contract, he is just getting a salary of approximately $20,000 and will receive a salary of $23,000 at the end of his contract with the WWE.

  • El Torito salary: $21,500 average yearly
  • El Torito net worth: $100,000

El Torito wrestler image in ring

He made his professional wrestling debut in the year 2000. He was being trained for professional fights by “Indio Vitela”. Currently he is a mascot for WWE’s tag team “Los Matadores”. His contract right now is of development category with the WWE signed in 2013.

He has also appeared in a film named “Nacho Libre”, a Mexican motion picture. His career accomplishments includes

  1. AAA Mascot Tag Team Title
  2. WWA World Minis Title
  3. LLL Mini-Estrellas Title
  4. Mexican National Mini-Estrella Title
  5. CMLL Mini-Estrella of the year and Pequeño Reyes del Aire

He is also having a 3 – 0 record in Luchas de Apuestas. He can definitely entertain the crowd with his small moves and acts but considering him even a normal level threat and force in WWE will be a kind of joke, a reality which cannot be changed by any means unless something unique or stupid WWE story writers do with this character.