Elvis Presley Net worth – Rock and roll singer, actor

Elvis Presley was a renowned American actor cum singer who had a net worth of approximately $300 million. Although he has passed away and is no more amongst us but his name is still celebrated by the title of the “king of rock and roll”.

His property includes the Elvis Presley enterprises which are established by the Elvis Presley trust, in order to carry out the business transactions and for management of his assets including the famous “Graceland”. This is now added to national register of historic places.

Full Name: Same
Elvis Presley net worth: $300,000,000
Yearly Money: $7,272,000
Popular as Rock and roll singer, actor
Elvis Presley networth
Movies Names Earning from this Movie ($)
Change of Habit 5,000,000
The Trouble with Girls 3,750,000
Charro 3,428,571
Live a Little, Love a Little 3,076,923
Speedway 2,608,696
Total money of these Movies 17,864,190
Elvis Presley Rock and roll singer, actor net worth in these years (USD)
2011 30,769,230
2012 40,677,966
2013 50,000,000
2014 54,545,455
2015 60,000,000
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After Elvis’s death, the trust was managed by his father Vernon as per his will. His beneficiaries included his grandmother and his daughter who is to the only surviving beneficiary of this Elvis Presley trust. So you can actually imagine how filthy rich this nine year old girl might be! People like us can only dream of such huge things.

Elvis’s wife, after his death in 1979 formed the EPE (Elvis Presley enterprise).  Before his death Elvis had an agreement with Parker who was getting 50 % of the income of the EPE.  The costs were quite high and it was then Elvis’s wife Priscilla decided to take a step forward. Parker’s case was taken to the court and the affair ended up by the trust having to pay a final sum of 2 million dollars to Parker and end up all sorts of agreements with him. This is how Priscilla was able to save the trust and its money.