Emily Bett Rickards Net worth – Actress (Updated)

2015 has proved a lucky year for the “Emily Bett” as she has splendid results from her recent projects which increased her net worth. In an estimation, her net worth is $2.7 million for the year 2015. With the sponsors and endorsements she is approximately earning $209,150, while her yearly income has been estimated $800k to $900k.

Full Name: Emily Bett Rickards.
Emily Bett Rickards net worth: $2,700,000 (Updated)
Yearly Money: $800,000
Popular as Actress

Shirt Photos and Emily Bett Rickards networth.
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Movies Names Earning from this Movie
Sister $333,000
Sicario $250,000
Edge of Tomorrow $520,000
Into the Woods $400,000
The House of Magic $230,000
Total money of above Movies: $1.7 million
Emily Bett Rickards Actress net worth in these years
2011 N/A
2012 $600,000
2013 $1,550,000
2014 $2,750,000
2015 $3,700,000
Now you know all about Emily Bett Rickards net worth. But here is more breakdown details and biography.

Canadian actress who started professional career in 2012. Emily is not only a beautiful actress but she is also hardworking and skilled. She joined Vancouver Film School for Graduation where her main subject includes theater and dance. “Arrow” was the serial which takes her towards the heights of success in which she played the role of “Felicity Smoak” with full skills which she learned during her studies. She earned $480k from this serial.

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Emily yearly income in 2015 is $800k which is increased from $650k. In 2012 she also started to work in films. Her first movie was” Random Acts of Romance in which she played the role of Actress, her other famous films include Bacon and Eggs, Flicka: Country Pride, Romeo Killer: The Chris Parco Story, Into the Woods, and The House of Magic. Her upcoming movie in 2015 is Brooklyn which is expected to huge it and make million dollar business.

“Felicity Smoak” is one the most famous character of the CW network’s Arrow and I remember, when I heard about this role, it will be only for one episode but excellent acting of Emily Bett Rickards caught the attention of the people. I really appreciate her efforts for this series, because it is always hard to make a place in any series which is already well known due to its characters.

I will say, Emily Bett did a great job in this series, even producer had to create a permanent place for her in it. After seeing her acting, I love to see her again and again due to her beauty, glamour, elegance and skills to lead her role. Her success is not limited to this series, but I saw her second time in a music video ”Never Gonna Be Alone” of “Nickelback” and after that I came to watch her playing minor roles in different movies. If I talk about her recent projects the movie “Random Acts of Romance” and “Brooklyn”, which I have recently enjoyed in 2015.

There are many rumors came into my knowledge about “Emily Bett” that she is dating with his fellow “Colton Hayes” but these are not based on facts as she has cleared that they are only good friends. I hope that it’s just a start of her career in Hollywood and soon she will get her place in most powerful and highest paying actors due to her excellent talent.