Eminem Net Worth 2015 – Updated stats

Eminem just proved himself as the real king of rapping. That’s why his current wealth (Forbes) and fame is much more then old hip hop artists. We calculated Eminem net worth around $200 million which includes his album sales, sponsors, tours, liabilities, his assets including vehicles house and few other factors. Who said only black can be a hip hop artist? He changed the trend of Rapping industry. In my view no one is close to his speed. Detroit based white rapper started his career in 1992 and faces many difficulties like lack of chances, trusted skills and many more.

Full Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Eminem net worth 2015: $200,000,000 (downfall from $210M)
Yearly Money: $20,000,000
Popular as Hip hop musician

Forbes said Rapper Eminem net worth estimated $200 million and yearly earnings around $31 million

His Total income in these years:

  • 2015: $31 million (So far according to Forbes)
  • 2014: $18 million
  • 2013: $11 million
  • 2012: $16 million
  • 2011: $13 million
  • 2010: $10 million

Although his different albums sold millions of time but let me add few figures. “Recovery” which is 7th album of Marshall Bruce “Eminem” Mathers III made business of more than $12 million in 2010. This is the record sale (approximately 10 million copies) of him till September 2015. “Eminem: E” which was directed by Dr Dre earned $6 million. Here are the few more Eminem songs/albums figures:

  1. MMLP2: $9,000,000
  2. Relapse: $8,142,000
  3. Raw and Uncut: $6,500,000

Like other celebrates Eminem has good taste in luxury i.e. his “Michigan Mansion” is one of the best example. This mansion worth is around $5 million now. His life is quite inspiring and we all agree to this point. For revealing truth about his career he signed movie “8 Mile” which grossed $243 million at box office. From this movie he earned $3 million. My favorite one is “Before I Self Destruct” which was directed by 50 Cent, earned $8 million overall. I hope, now you have an idea why Eminem net worth is this huge. No more words to describe about him. He’s legendary and total deserving rapper. Lastly, a small but sweet table for Eminem previous years net worth:

2011 $100,000,000
2012 $140,000,000
2013 $160,000,000
2014 to early 2015 $210,000,000
2015 (decreed) $200,000,000

As Forbes said his mighty Tour with Rihanna made him $5 million per show for him. Overall $12.4 million which is more then Beyoncé and Jay Z. Eminem ranked #82 in top 100 richest celebrities list due to $200 million net worth.