Emma WWE diva photo in front of building and sea

Emma Wrestler Income (talented wrestler in divas category)

Australian wrestler “Tenille Averil Dashwood” is right now getting a salary of $92,000. Tenille was brought into wrestling by “Jake”, her oldest brother, when she was around 8 years of age. She is the former ECCW SuperGirls Champion, winner of “Queen of the Warriors” tournament as well as was ranked 38 in PWI top 50 female wrestlers of 2013. Her current net worth in 2015 is $250,000 which is more then 3 times Eden Stiles.

Emma WWE diva photo in front of building and sea
Emma Diva dashing pose

In 2011, she was signed by WWE with development class contract and was transferred to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in order to establish herself according to WWE standards. She made her NXT wrestling debut under her new ring name, Emma.

She participated in the NXT Women’s Championship competition to crown the inaugural champion however lost to the rival diva “Paige” in the final. After 2 days later she was arrested for 6th degree theft. After this incident, WWE discharged Emma from the industry but after some hours WWE turned around their choice and restored Emma while quoting that they will take “some serious actions” against her. You must care about Cameron earnings too before readin my point of view about EMMA. She is currently fighting in WWE’s NXT.

I believe that she is currently one of the best professionally gifted talented wrestler in divas category. WWE has struggled a lot to find a skillful diva since “Natalya”. She may be struggling in WWE right now but the more matches she will get the more she will develop herself in the WWE environment. It will take some time for her to be considered among the top divas but believe me the time is not so far when she will be dominating the WWE with her skills set. [image: yahoo Australia]