Enrique Iglesias Net worth – Pop singer

If I talk about his net Worth, then it’s quite clear that Enrique made enough money along with fame. If I combine his current Net Worth of 2015, then it is $85 Million which is a huge earning for any Spanish singer. But, let me mention one more point that he is a businessman too. The more surprising thing is that he got number 1 place in 10 richest singers in the world. High earning like him can be a dream of anyone in this world but Enrique was born rich and today enjoying a high net worth. Moreover, he has luxurious property, a lofty mansion which market price is more than $5.9 Million

Full Name: Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
Enrique Iglesias net worth 2015: $85,000,000
Yearly Money: $18,300,000
Popular as Pop singer
Enrique made enough money along with fame
Movies Names Earning from this Movie ($)
 I Like How It Feels 7,083,333
Once Upon a Time in Mexico 5,312,500
Sex + Love 4,857,143
Euphoria 4,358,974
Greatest Hits 3,695,652
Total money of these Movies 25,307,603
Enrique net worth in previous years
2011 43,589,743
2012 57,627,118
2013 70,833,333
2014 77,272,728
2015 85,000,000
Now you know all about Enrique net worth. There are very few Latin’s singers who can get fame in the Pop music industry, but he proved himself in this field. If I look at Billboard history, Enrique gave the most number 1 songs in his career.

A large number of people are impressed by these facts that he is a richest pop singer, music producer, Spanish musician, song writer and actor. But his contributions to charity are also a part of his personality. I must say that if he is earning higher, he is giving a lot to charity for live earth, red cross, music for relief, city of hopes and many others.

Enrique Iglesias net worth is $85 million in 2015. Enrique Iglesias is an great Singer, songwriter, actor from Madrid .This Spanish Singer, songwriter, actor started his career in 2001 . His estimated salary per year is $10,303,000 . He earned money by signing these albums contracts: Cosas Del Amor , Enrique , Enrique Iglesias , Escape , Euphoria , Insomniac , Quizás , Sex and Love , Vivir.

I think one main reason behind his success is his father Julio Iglesias, who was also a great singer of his time. Due to this his father, it was not hard for Enrique to make a name in pop music. Well, this is only one factor which I have explained, it could be due to his talent of bilingual in Spanish and American songs. These two factors helped me a lot in his career and I think without these he could not make fame like this.