Fall Out Boy income

Fall Out Boy Net worth -Alternative rock band

Full Name: Fall Out Boy.
Fall Out Boy net worth: $30,000,000 (Updated)
Yearly Money: $4,000,000 (More details of each member given below)
Popular as Alternative rock band
Fall Out Boy income
Albums Names Earning from this Album
PAX AM Days $4,250,000
Believers Never Die: Greatest Hits $4,000,000
Folie a Deux $3,000,000
Infinity on High $2,500,000
From Under the Cork Tree $1,800,000
Total money of these Albums $15.5 Million
  • Birth Day Date:2001
  • Place of Birth:London, United Kingdom
Fall Out Boy Alternative rock band net worth in these years
2011 $12,000,000
2012 $17,000,000
2013 $22,500,000
2014 $26,000,000
2015 $30,000,000
Now you know all about Fall Out Boy net worth.

An American band namely Fall Out Boy started to work from Chicago since 2001. In the early days the band had four members which include Patrick Stump($16.3 million) who working as Guitarist , Pete Wentz ($10 mill)worked as bassist , Jeo Trohman ($12 mil) as Guitarist and Andry Hurley ($14 million) as drummer.

The band followed the genres pop-punk, pop-rock and alternative rock. They gave their first album in 2003 namely “Take This to Your Groove” which was a big success of the band due to which they started their tours in many countries. Fall Out Boy yearly income is $4 million while their additional bonus reached in 2015 is $3 million.

In 2005 they released which is a major breakthrough under the name of From Under “The Crock Tree” which had two very important song namely “dance, dance” and “Sugar, We’er Goin Down” they released “Infinity on High” in 2007 and it was big success of band as it generated $260,00 in first week.

It is expected that the band will release its seventh album “American Psycho” in 2015. The group was being nominated in 48 different awards out of which they won 22 awards.


The combined net worth of this band is unknown at the moment but 2 of their members, Patrick and Pete, are having present net worth of $16 Million and $18 Million respectively. The net worth of rest 2 members is not available. Personally. I think there net worth (after including all 4 members) definitely exceeds $35 Million mark.

Rock band from the land of America, Fall Out Boy includes “Pete Wentz”, “Patrick Stump”, “Andy Hurley” and “Joe Trohman” as its members. I think this band is actually overrated but they have some great songs at their disposal. They are talented individuals and there are many reasons to hate them too.

There songs are sometimes really horrible. Many of their songs are like the part of ads – commercials. They are clever altogether but still have not reached the stage where they can be dominating the industry. It really does not matter if you love this band and others hate it because those who do not like their music will definitely not like them. What matters the most is your satisfaction, if you are satisfied listening this boy band than nothing else matters.

I myself always try not to hate much things as it create a mind of negative state. Fall Out Boy is not my most liked and listened band but I do have couple of their songs in my playlists. One thing I want to point out are their lyrics. There lyrics are actually good most of the times unlike those who are having a good fame with lyrics full of rubbish and no meanings at all.