Gerard Butler Net Worth in 2016 (Updated)

Full Name: Gerard James Butler
Gerard Butler net worth: $30 million
Yearly Money: $5 million
Popular as Actor
one of richest actor Gerard Butler net worth
Movies Names Earning from this Movie ($)
Geostorm $2,500,000
Gods of Egypt $1,875,000
London Has Fallen $1,714,286
Thunder Run $1,538,462
Dynamo $1,304,348
Total money of these Movies $8,932,095
Gerard Butler Actor net worth change in last years
2011 $10,000,000
2012 $15,000,000
2013 $20,000,000
2014 $22,000,000
2017 $30,000,000
Brace yourself we have to talk more about Gerard Butler net worth of 2017 and his other things like my own views and few more stats.

I believe everyone who loves English movies must have seen the famous film 300. “Gerard James Butler” was the King of Sparta (King Leonidas) in it. Now, you all might be recalling his amazing acting full of aggression in it. From this movie he made $4 million. To be truth, 300 is one of the best film I have ever seen and Gerared’s acting in it is more than exceptional, totally re defining the role of old style of fighting in kingdoms life. I personally rate his acting quite higher because he is always passionate about his roles.

He is the owner of $3,250,000 Los Feliz house. He drives a Mercedes-Benz SL550 of worth $120,000. He also holds a current net worth of $30 Million.

He earned this massive money by signing different movies contracts like Chasing Mavericks, Gift of the Night Fury, 300, Gods of Egypt , How to Train Your Dragon 2, London Has Fallen, Machine Gun Preacher, Movie 43, Olympus Has Fallen, Playing for Keeps and many more. He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in programs which amount is round about $937,500.

The Scottish actor is regarded as one of the most successful star from Scotland who not only excelled amazingly in his own country but also proved his worth in the Hollywood. At his younger age, he started to develop interest not only to regularly watch movies but also decided to make his name in acting. He joined Scottish Youth Theatre in his early days and hence he developed very nice skills.

Despite all of this, he also had a mentality that Scottish never become amazing actors. Due to this, he decided to give priority to his educational career, got good grades, admitted in the field of law and graduated as a lawyer. During his first ever job as a lawyer, a level of frustration and depression started to create inside him which forced him to adapt acting to get peace, freedom and pleasure in his life.