Hayley Westenra Net Worth

One of the amazing prospectus from New Zealand and also young who has a big career in front of her, “Hayley Dee Westenra” has been one of the popular names right now in singing which made her net worth around $8 million. Getting success from the very start is difficult but she did it impressively.

In her teenage days, only 14, she received her first ever international singing contract. It was given to her by Universal Records, based in the United Kingdom. Similarly, no one even thought that her international debut album will be a huge success but it showed really unexpected results. Her album Pure in the year 2003 became the Great Britain’s fastest ever debut selling the album in the history of English music in the category of classical music charts.

Hayley Westenra net worth in last few years
2014 $4 million
2015 $6 million
2017 $7M
2017 $8,000,000

I believe that family support is very vital in any kind of success. As she was just 14 when she left New Zealand and went to England, her parents contributed and exchanged the duties among themselves to look after both their children at different places. Her father left his job just for the passion and dream of her daughter Hayley. I strongly see that this much love and support from the family of Hayley actually made her to work harder, prove her worth and pay back to the struggles of her family.

To be honest, she has fallen a bit now in her musical career and I think that lack of good projects for her is the reason for it. She is having a present net worth of $8 Million which in my term is OK at the moment.

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