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How much these 20 Richest YouTube Vloggers earn? Video blogging is one of the highest paid work if you know people psychology

Yesterday I got an email by by one of our follower who is working on different video channels. His question was simple “How much YouTube Vloggers earn annually?” Well here we go.. You Tube is one of the sites those are at the highest peak of success. Thousands of people are getting paid by working on You Tube. It is a big business in this world of technology. People are earning through vlogging that is also known as video blogging.

most earning YT video bloggers picture
Disney Collector BR, Pewdiepie and 2 more

All they have to do to just talk in a camera, people can talk about fashion, news, toys, video games, or they can choose any other topic of their interest. Then instead of writing on the topic, they discuss the key points and then share it on the You Tube. A large number of people are making different types of videos and they want to earn via vlogging, but only some of them are successful and making real money.

great millionaire vloggers infographic

Let’s have a look on top richest YouTube bloggers income in following list which show you better idea. Video blogging is one of the highest paid work if you know people psychology and know how to work according to their likeness and dislikes.

Name Average Yearly Income
EvanTubeHD $2 million
Ksiolajidebt $2.5 million
Potemi926 $2.7 million
ERB $3 million
TheWillyRex $3.25 M
TheFineBros $3.5 million
ElrubiusOMG $3.8 million
ToyTrains4U $4 million
CollegeHumor $4.150 million
ToysAndFunnyKids 4.5 million
UnboxingSurpriseEgg $5 million
TheEducVideos $5.30 M
SurpriseToys 5.50 million
BuzzFeedYellow $6.35 M
Vegetta777 $6.8M
DisneyCarToys $7.25 Million
BluCollection $8 million
DisneyCollectorBR $9 million
Smosh $9.5 million
Pewdiepie $15 million

If we want to tell you about the earning of richest You Tube vloggers, then honestly we cannot show 100 % exact figures. As we cannot provide you the real amount, but an estimation. So, according to an estimation the richest vlogger is getting $5 per CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) for premium countries like USA, UK and Canada. Well, the rankings and earnings of the vloggers are changing on the basis of their followers and the views of the videos. Well, when we go to the depth, then some of the vloggers are rich just due to their funny attitude.

Nowadays, some of the people are making funny videos and clips and post it on the You Tube. In this way, they want to be one of the richest vbloggers. Hence, it is not an easy task. People have to think in a creative way, and then make creative and attractive videos so that they will get more views and comments by the people. On the basis of views and feedback of the viewers, You Tube make a decision that who would be on the top of the list.