Hulk Hogan income

How Hulk Hogan net worth in 2016 is $25M

Hulk Hogan net worth: $25,000,000
Yearly Money: $5 million

The king of the wrestling world and the famous reality star Hulk Hogan makes loads of money on a daily basis.  He is particularly a big name in the world of WWE (former WWF) and also earns a great deal by acting in various films.

He worked in a film known as Thunderlips in 1982’s Rocky III. He also starred in the TV series Thunder in Paradise. These are a source of additional income for him apart from his wrestling career.  Moreover he also owns a brand “Hulk Hogan” and earns through sale and merchandise of his products. It is also reported that he has invested his money in several big businesses.

Hulk Hogan ex wrestler and actor net worth

Although Hulk had a huge net worth before his divorce but that reduced a great deal and he suffered from many crises after his divorce because his ex wife received a huge share of his wealth at the time of divorce.

Hulk Hogan net worth in previous years
2011 $5,000,000
2012 $8,000,000
2013 $15,000,000
2014 $20,000,000
2015 $25,000,000

From the statistics we have learned that the total amount of assets and money which was paid to his ex wife amounted to $30 million! Had he not been divorced, he would have a net worth of more than 60 million dollars.

Although Hulk Hogan currently has filed a case against Gawker for using his sex tape and invading his privacy and has won the case which makes Gawker liable to him for an amount of $115 cash. If he receives the sum then Hulk Hogan’s net worth would boost up to a very high level.