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J. Cole Net worth is damn good man

J. Cole net worth is $10 Million in 2015. This rapper earned $1,100,000 from his album Forest Hills Drive. The same album was given the status of “GOLD” by “Music Canada” and “RIAA”. More than $600,000 earnings from his album “Born Sinner” not only achieved the status of “Gold” like the above one but also received “Silver status” from “BPI”. These statuses kind of thing started back in 2011, when “J Cole” earned his first ever Gold status for World: The Sidelined Story by RIAA after earning $500,000 from it.

J Cole rapper photos press conference about net worth issue
His earnings are better then his talent. Isn’t it?

He is not in my top 5 list like Aubrey Drake Graham, Meek Mill, Mr Kanye West, YG and Jeremih Felton but definitely in my top 10 list of rappers right now. Sometimes, he miss the spot but many of his releases are damn good. I do not like him much only because of his inconsistency but still he has lot of money.

  • J Cole net worth 2017: $10,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $1.70 million
  • Popular as: Rapper, Actor

Cole Earning from these:

Born Sinner $342,000
Cole World: The Sideline Story $250,000
Friday Night Lights $236,000
The Warm Up $205,000
The Come Up $175,000
Total money: $1,200,000

My views about him is quite negative. Whenever he releases an amazing song or album, expect the next multiple releases to be worse. I hope he becomes consistent because of this factor his ratings are not going up in the industry. “Jermaine Lamarr Cole” has a net worth of more than $10 Million. But what about past? here we go..

J. Cole net worth in previous years

2011 $2,000,000
2012 $3,500,000
2013 $5,000,000
2014 7,565,000
2015 10,000,000

Hip hop artist J. Cole wealth and his business amount

I like his rapping not because it is the most powerful thing he has but because he do not rap for fame and money. This means, whenever he is in full mood, he will deliver amazing songs. But then another question arises, why to release those songs which are not prepared in good mood?

As we already mentioned J Cole assets estimated around is $10 million in 2015. J Cole is an great Rapper, producer, songwriter from Frankfurt. This American Rapper, producer, songwriter started his career in 2007 and made his name in the market in short span. His estimated earnings per year is $484,000. He earned money by signing these Albums contracts like Born Sinner, Forest Hills Drive. We also mentioned J. Cole income per Albums above. His sponsorship and featuring in programs amount is approximately $125,000.

Many people find him a lot boring person around and he must change himself to attract more public. He is boring because he do not interact with public much with some funny acts definitely missing from his side.

The world of music has brought him immense fame and off course a tremendous amount of wealth. On a personal level, I absolutely love him. He is such an enthusiastic and zealous self-made person who started off with posting his music on the internet and now is such a big name in the music industry. The best part about him is that he is different from other people. He is not money oriented and his rapping high lights the negatives of money rather than the positives.

The release of his debut mix tape “The Come Up” was the first thing that brought his name in spot light. His career began to boost up by this very tape. J cole is particularly famous for the record album Roc Nation. After the release of “the come up”, the very prominent “Jay Z” contacted him and signed to this “Roc Nation”.

After some time his own album “Cole world: The sideline story” was released which was a huge success and particularly the major reason behind his high net worth. In the first week, following its release, it sold more than 208,000 copies and the huge sale lead to huge profits for J Cole. It topped billboard 20 and the huge sales lead to tons and tons of cash for J Cole and increased his net worth.

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