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Jack Black Net Worth and Gross Earning Review

Brace yourself for his full money details.. Jack Black net worth is $25 Million according to our analysts but therichest website claim him $40 million which is quite messy in my views. Everyone know about the Kung Fu Panda ($632 million at box office). “Thomas Jacob Black” is the man behind the voice of Kung Fu Panda character. From this movie he made $7 million just for panda voice. This movie was big success on Box Office i.e movie budget was just $130 million. This movie saw big incline in profit so does he earned as 5% commission from profit. He is a popular comedian and his comedy achieved new heights through comedy films like Tropic Thunder ($188M at box office), High Fidelity and Shallow Hal.

Current net worth of $25 Million, he earned $2,000,000 through his contribution in Orange Country. Similarly, he earned $1,000,000, $2,000,000 and $250,000 salary from Saving Silverman, Shallow Hal along Gwyneth Paltrow and High Fidelity respectively.

net worth of beard man Jack Black including total movies salaries

He is one of the most popular actors to be working recently for the Hollywood. He is also the standard holder of Generation X demographic because of his high energetic and powerful activities. I think that he has a very sloppy tongue as he told in an interview (accidentally) that “Angelina Jolie” is actually pregnant with twins but opposite happened as he and his wife welcomed 2 sons in their family. This natural thing is also like a comedy to me.

Jack Black net worth evaluation

2012: 13,500,000
2013: $17,000,000
2014: $20,000,000
2015: $25,000,000

His acting in “Fight for Your Right Revisited” with Will Ferrell is another success case which made which made $950 thousand for Jack. His one of the important contributions for the Kung Fu Panda enabled the movie series to grab $650 Million worldwide for its 1st part only. He also provided his voice in the video game Brutal Legend as Eddie Rigs. He also appeared in the hit Goosebumps which also had a good success as it earned approximately $23 Million in its opening week.

His one important step by joining with acting group of “Tim Robbin”, enabled him to make his first ever film debut in 1992. His work as Tenacious D rock comedy band continued to bring him fame.

I do not love him but like his multiple things like his production of “Tenacious D” which I used to watch a lot. His School of Rock movie was another thing which made me like him much more but despite seeing many of his different releases. I literally miss Jack of Tenacious D and want that person back. [Claim Source]

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