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Jack Johnson Net Worth (How $16M)

Jack Johnson net worth is $16 Million which he earned from his released songs like I Got You, Upside Down, Better Together and Good People. He released about 14 of his music album and earned about $25 million only from music. His other major income source is appearing in Hollywood films. Last year his earning from films was about $6.32 million dollars.

  • Jack Johnson net worth: $16M
  • Annual Income: $3M
  • Earning from “From Here to Now to You” and  “To the Sea“: $4M and 2.5M respectively.

Jack Johnson appeared in 5 Hollywood movies and stopped his work with films in 2004. He was earning a handsome amount of money from movies but his actual passion was music. Now, he only works for music and getting a real income from his passion.

Singer Jack Johnson photos with guitar and his earning
In 2013, Jack Johnson released his album From Here to Now to You which was a fantastic production by him and earned him amount of $18.3 million. Jack Johnson released four albums in 2005 including live show in Japan and Kokua Festival. It is reported that he earned about $14.2 million in 2005.

Jack Johnson Musician net worth in last few years
2011 $5,000,000
2012 $9,500,000
2013 $12,000,000
2014 $14,540,000
2015 $16,000,000

Till 2005, Jack Johnson was working both for music and films and he was earning with both hands but he decreased his income from films in 2004 when he fed up for films and started work just for music.

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