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Jackie Chan Net Worth as per Forbes

We estimated Jackie Chan net worth around $140 Million. But Forbes mentioned, Jackie Chan has a net worth of US $61 Million. The 62-year-old is second only to Robert Downey Jr. The Hongkonger actor earned a great deal as of last year from his Dragon Blade worth US $10 Million alone in China, not including those earned in the US after its release.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of charity works including UNICEF, Operation Smile and his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. During natural disaster and quake of Haiti, Chan donated US $750,000 in his private capacity whereas for other venues of such disasters he contributed to raise US $47.5 Millions.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Kong-sang Chan
  • His net worth: $140,000,000
  • Average annual income: $30 million
  • Sponsors: $4 million yearly

Although, the fighting machine, Chan, is the second highest paid actor around the world, but still his personal life has some real problems related to drug addiction of his son notwithstanding Chan’s being a lead anti-drug advocate in China.

This is not the only problem he had to face; the Panama Papers–– Mossack Fonseca –– blew everything even harder than what one would expect from Jackie Chan. According to the Papers, Chan has invested millions of dollars in his SIX offshore companies being controlled from Panama as reported by Dailymail as of April 2017.

Therefore, Jackie Chan net worth, some believes, may exceed over US $1.6 Billion however no authenticated source has highlighted it so far.

He is the professional Hollywood Actor, comedian who born in Victoria Peak. Chan studied from 1971 to 1973 in Chinese Academy of drama. During his studies he began working as a stuntman for major movie studios as Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest. In 1977 he made his acting debut with a small part in Hand of Death. A kungfu/wushu-movie which was directed by the then unknown action movie specialist John Woo.

Chan got his birth as the name Kong-sang Chan, and later took the name Cheng lung. Chan’s parents both struggled to obtain the French Embassy in Hong Kong. In a job interview Chan describes himself as a naughty child.

Jackie Chan richest Chinese actor

Into the 1970s, Chan began singing. Particularly in Asia, Chan a famous singer. Yet up to now makes Chan new songs.

Chan’s breakthrough came in 1978 using the film Snake within the Eagle’s Shadow-kungfu. This was accompanied by the even more productive film Drunken Master. In this film, he played the historical figure Wong Fei Hung. The movie was a good success but encountered too much criticism: many viewers found that Chan had made the legendary Wong Fei Hung ridiculous to put down by him within the film as alcoholic. Drunken Master is a mixture of kungfu and slapstick, where Wong Fei Hung invents a process to during his drunkenness to be fighting.

Jackie Chan Actor, comedian worth flow with years
2011 $65,000,000
2012 $80,000,000
2013 $100,000,000
2014 $125,000,000
2015 $140,000,000

After Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master CHAN‘s popularity increased. He directed, produced and starred in Project A (1980), which for the reason that year was the absolute most successful Hong Kong movie of all time. The next year he been able to break his record with Armour of God, a film that that year was the most successful Hong Kong movie.

Meanwhile, dreamed of a Hollywood career and Chan made an effort to to break through there. In 1983, he played a little role within the American action movie The Cannonball Run plus in 1984 he played in two American low-budget action movies, The Protector and Battlecreek Brawl. Both films flopten and Chan could not have more foot towards the ground in Hollywood.

Once back in Hong Kong experienced its greatest success with Chan Police Story (1985). This comic action film was a kind of parody regarding the Dirty Harry movies and was for many the ultimate fusion of American police movies and Chinese kungfu comedy. The movie has five super hit sequels. All these success and efforts made $140M net worth for Jackie Chan.

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