Jack's Mannequin earning

Jack’s Mannequin Net Worth

Formed in 2004, the American rock solo-band lead by Andrew McMahon maintains a net worth of of US $7 Million. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia over 11 years ago in 2005 for which he has had a special predilection to mitigate its effects from all such diseased individuals around the US in particular and globe in general.

As of June 2015, he raised over US $86,000 for a non-profitable organization, Dear Jack Foundation dedicated to alleviate sufferings of cancer.

The organization has raised US $1.2 Million to be dedicated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Such attitude towards humanity’s misery clearly resonate a message implying larger benefits could be garnered with focused approach and resolute dedication notwithstanding a serious ailment being suffered like Andrew is undergoing.

As of June 2017, McMahon announced his two-month long tour to stop at over 37 performances at different locations where he would be receiving a lucrative amount with baseline tickets ranging between US $30 to $72; depending upon the demography of venues of performance.

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