Jagged Edge Net Worth

If you get to know about the amount of money earned by various artists in the world and get jealous by the net worth they possess, you need to know the level of hard work they put into their work in order to achieve all the success that they get. Like, Jagged Edge net worth is $2 Million. If you want to know one example of a group who has worked quite smart and hard on the creative side and has earned quite a lot in his life, you need to know about Jagged Edge.

Jagged Edge is an R&B music group of the USA that was firstly signed over “Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Records” to Columbia Records. This group consists of twin lead singers Brian, Kyle Norman and Brandon Casey and Richard Wingo. Let me tell you that Wingo was added later in this group, right after Kandi Burruss of Xscape. Kandi was the one of that person who taken this group to the consideration of Dupri.

Their performance has helped him earning  $900,000 amount of money per year which is fairly huge. They have not only earned through his music but is also known to be a famous name when it comes to product endorsements. The total amount that this artist has earned till now from endorsements is $130,719. The Georgian singer had always believed in efforts as he didn’t have a very glorious past and made sure he has a glorious future through his efforts.

In the year 2012, the net worth of Jagged Edge was calculated to be $850k. One of his most famous albums “JE Heartbreak II” made a huge amount of $874,126 that played a major part in helping him gain more success in the future. $590,000 is the amount of money earned by him through the album “Baby Makin” Project and $710,227 with the help of his album “The Remedy”.

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