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Jake Short Net Worth

Jake short is a relatively new face in the Hollywood industry. This nineteen year old started off his career in 2007 and within a short span of time he successfully became a matter of public interest. With such appealing looks and amazing acting skills he has earned a net worth of 4 million dollars in his teenage! Isn’t this amazing? I bet it is.

His major works so far have been A.N.T. Farm, A Son like You, It Is Dark in Here, The Other Side, Future states, Dexter, Shorts, Zeke and Luther, Jack and Janet Save the Planet. It has been estimated that he earns approximately 118,000 dollars per year as a result of these series.

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At such a young age he has successfully been able to pull off a successful career and we hope to see him become a multi-millionaire in his future. As per a research, we have found out that he also belongs to the category of the highest paid actors relative to his competitors. This shows that he has a good scope in the film/television industry in the future too and we hope he accomplishes all his goals.

A son like you was his major hit in which he was paid approximately 1 million dollars! The movie was a hit and hence it enhanced his net worth to a great level. Not only this but it has been reported that he earned up to 800,000 dollars by his another major work which is “It is dark in here”. So this clearly shows the reason for his high net worth at such a naïve age.

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