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James Morrison Net Worth from Music

Musician James Morrison net worth is $12 Million. It is been more than 9 years for “James Morrison” in the music industry now, debuted professionally way back in the year 2006. His first album was named as “UnDiscovered”, which was the first ever source of popularity for James in the territory of United Kingdom (total 1.5 million copied sold). The album did took some time to reach the heights but finally achieved the silver status. James climbed from the net worth of $6 Million in the year 2012 and 2013 to the current net worth exceeding $12 Million mark.

SInger James Morrision earning million after poverty life

According to me, he is having an amazing and sensational voice which is full of soul, smoothness as well as with additional qualities of blending his voice with rough tones too. Here is the few earning stats of his music charts:

The Awakening $1,500,000
Songs for You, Truths for Me $2,000,500
Undiscovered $3,000,00
From others $480,000
More $400,000

Getting used to music and developed interest in it due to his parents collection of songs, his childhood was not an amazing one, full of poverty and illness but music was the only thing which gave him peace and satisfaction in his youth. To me, he recalls the singers and lyrics writers of the 70’s and 80’s era, James beautifully reflects the old styles in his releases.

James Morrison net worth change in few couple of years
2011 $4,650,000
2012 $6,000,000
2013 $7,500,000
2014 $9,000,000
2015 $12,000,000

He used to work for many odd jobs country wide besides writing the songs and participating in performing gigs whenever he got time for his passion. It was Polydor Records who first realized about the hidden talent of James, they were impressed by his songs and finally ended up placing James signature for a contract. Polydor Records contributed in any way they could to join 13 songs for James debut album UnDiscovered. Lastly I must say, live music concert also impacted James Morrison net worth in positive way.

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