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Jamie Foxx Net worth 2015 – Complicated ratings

Jamie Foxx net worth in 2015 is $85 Million which is boosted from $77 million (I am comparing from last year). I like “Eric Marlon Bishop” not because he is a good multipurpose or richest actor but also a person who truly showed his black identity and paved paths for other black people in the industry which is good thing in my views. So, you can say that he fulfilled his responsibility to act as a guide for black people in white people dominant society. We all can see worldwide famous actors, singers and comedians belonging from the black community but how many of them helped the black community? Very less, and he is one of those less wonders.

  • Full Name: Eric Morlon Bishop
  • Jamie Foxx net worth 2015: $85,000,000
  • Yearly Money: 10,303,000
  • Popular as Actor

He appeared with Quvenzhané Wallis and Cameron Diaz in movie “Annie” made business of $134 million. If you compare him with “Will Smith  or Samuel L. Jackson than I really feel bad for “Jamie Fox” because these both amazing stars belong from same time but Smith took more advantage of everything.

Few movies earning:

Horrible Bosses 2: $7,085,000
Annie: $5,312,500
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: $5,000,000
Rio 2: 4,350,000
White House Down: $3,695,000
Total money of these movies $25,450,000

Millionaire actor Jamie Foxx worth is good but her is under rated
Eric Morlon Bishop joined pictures

He has an amazing yearly earnings of $12 million and estimated net worth of $85 Million. The old man still got a gas in his tank to deliver some amazing performances but why he should do such thing now when he can rest and spend his life peacefully with relax mode by having his bank accounts full of cash. His movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” with Andrew Garfield earned $710 million while this movie budget was only $250 million

Jamie Foxx net worth in previous years:

2011: $43,589,000
2012: $58,627,000
2013: $70,833,000
2014: $78,000,000
2015: $85,000,000

He is not too good in acting (I mean not like Will smith), his singing was a nice addition to his character in the start but now he is not using this ability in a good way and definitely, he is a mixture between under rated and over rated topics from day 1 of his career. Many people who follw him want to compare Jamie Foxx richest lifestyle with Denzel Washington and Kerry Washington.

Some of his stuff is full of class but did not received much fame hence the under rated thing is present there whereas he received more fame for his less skilled work which also makes him over rated at the same time. Isn’t it complicated?

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