Jamie Oliver earning

Chef Jamie Oliver Net Worth

  • Jamie Oliver Net Worth: $400 Million
  • His annual earning: $70 million average
  • Books average profit: $50 million

When talking about the most affluent and wealthy chefs in the world, Jamie Oliver tops the list. He has a net worth of up to 170 million dollars until now and is expected to increase over the upcoming years. Isn’t this superb? Indeed it is.

He has amassed such a huge amount of money and assets over the years by being the proprietor of a huge chain of restaurants as well as by being a renowned television personality just like Gordon Ramsay another famous chef.

Jamie Oliver chef net worth

He does cooking shows on the television as well as writes cooking novels. He has introduced the concept of healthy cooking and eating amongst people and that’s the major reason of his popularity as increasing obesity has made people weight and health conscious. This is why the sales of his books are so high and the ratings of his shows are so high.

 Jamie Oliver total worth in last few years
2011 $45,000,000
2012 $80,254,000
2013 $170,000,000
2014 $300,000,000
2015 $400,000,000

He earns a great deal of money by his restaurants, his shows and even by publishing his cooking books. So this is a clear proof of how he generated such a huge net worth. Obviously money has been pooling in from all these fields. He is multi-talented in every field. He is a chef, an author and a restaurateur and earns millions of dollars via all his professions combined.

He is widely recognized as an international cook. This renowned personality started off with nothing. He used to visit his parents work place (a restaurant company) and used to work there to support them for a living. But now he himself started off his operations and is a multi-millionaire.

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