Jamie T earning

Jamie T net worth reasonable but no big contracts

“Jamie Alexander Treays” has his own clever set of hip hop interest which helps him to get $2 million net worth. His influences are mostly the mix tapes. Popular as “Jamie T”, he grown up under the shadows of multicultural London, where he tried to find and develop his very own music style. To ensure proper singing, he left his guitar playing as he found it to be very difficult.

In 2004, he made his singing debut in the single Salvador, he released a proper album consisting of some singles in the same year from Pacemaker Records which was also his own recording initiative.

His net worth is not declared but other but we rate him a $2 Million worth star only because of his less work in his field of music. Let’s see his quick money facts.

  • Jamie T net worth: $2,000,000
  • Yearly Money: 1.70 million average
  • His property value: $800k
  • Sponsor: N/A

He grabbed good market share in the London

Jamie Treays total worth variation in:

2011: $250,000
2012: $595,000
2013: $1,000,000
2014: $1,400,000
2015: $2,000,000

He focused a lot to become successful in London and he did grab some good market share in the London but still he was not able to take himself out of London. His success and scope was very limited and is still limited. I cannot understand the reason behind his less exposure, maybe less or almost no contract with a big music organization as well as already available popular and developed artists in London etc.

He is still young enough to take a lot of market share at his side but I do not think that he can do this. My research is supported by his long absence, with more than 5 years of absence and returning back in 2014 with his single, this shows a long gap where he missed the chance to make his name better in music.

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