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Jared Leto Net Worth

Our team estimated Jared Leto net worth around $40 million. The 44-year old bachelor of Hollywood––Jared Leto––is best known for his role in Requiem for a Dream, has some other very interesting venues to get money from; playing guitar and singing song for his band known as 30 Seconds to Mars.

A net-worth of US $40,000,000 simply 40 Million; he earns more of dollars from his band 30 Seconds to Mars US $5,000,000 per year, as revealed to Billboard Magazine

Being man of big heart and lavish lifestyle, he spends his income on donations, charity, fund raising as good as he had it spent on leisure and his girlfriends like Cameron Diaz and Scarlet Johansson.

In my opinion Leto, apart from his positive contributions, has a major gray area that emanates an utter negativity from his persona; advocating same-sex marriages!

This would severely damage the human demography especially in the North Americas. Moreover, his spending and fund raising directed against an anti-same-sex marriage organization Proposition 8 is tantamount to wastage.

Jared Leto net worth in last few years
2011 $12,000,000
2012 $18,000,000
2013 $25,000,000
2014 $35,000,000
2015 $40,000,000

Instead he could have find appropriate venues where flow of cash would render greater dividends to establishment of peace and prosperity around the globe; e.g. protection of wild life, usage of CFC-free products in cosmetics and many others humanity related venues.

He earned money by signing Sunset Strip, Highway, Panic Room, Alexander, Lord of War and Dallas Buyers Club. He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in programs which amount is $1,250,000 approx.

In personal life, Leto lives in a simple way, always ready to help the needy sector of society and above all surprising as well as secret fact to his undeniable charm is his simplest diet comprising veggies, corn flakes and popcorn while entirely cutting out non-veggies from the menu.

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