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Jason Derulo Net worth (Updated)

Jason Derulo estimated net worth is $9 Million in 2015. He earned $575,000, $200,000, $240,000 and $190,000 from his albums Jason Derulo, Talk Dirty, Future History and Tattoos.

“Jason Derulo” is the stage name for “Jason Joel Desrouleaux”. I like him but do not rate him a lot higher. He has some good stuff but he is a very poor radio artist on mainstream. He just do not have the skills to perform well in front of huge crowd. On the other side, he mostly copies a lot of stuff. What is actually left or what the limit of copying because he has copied almost everything available.What is actually left  or what the limit of copying because he has copied almost everything available.

  • Jason Derulo net worth: $9,000,000
  • Annual average income: $2 million
poor singer or one of you best?
Drake (left) Jason Derulo

His song In My Head is the only song present in my playlist. Other songs are just not above my expectations and majority contains the stuff resembling to the stuff of other artists. I like the genuine stuff and original people. Jason is not in my most liked ones because of his copying thing. I think that he should be more original. His work with Sage The Gemini and Jeremih is quite famous.

Singer Jason Derulo net worth in last few years
2011 $2,000,000
2012 $3,500,000
2013 $5,000,000
2014 $8,000,000
2015 $9,000,000

Despite a lot of issues associated with him, his voice is actually the only nice factor in my opinion. There is always a trademark or identifier through which an artist is uniquely identified and he has almost nothing of such thing. I admire his voice but voice and overall talent is different in his scenario. Just think of those artists who are offended a lot as their stuff is, in one way or another, used by someone else.


  1. Jason is an incredible performer; what are you talking about!? He is one of the few artists today that actually PERFORM…He not only sings really well, but during any performance, Jason dances the ENTIRE TIME. He is remarkable and extremely underrated…

  2. This is completely out of the blue!
    Jason Derulo is a great singer / dancer, overall performer.
    I believe he is the only one with multiple songs amidst “100 Hottest Bilboard songs” from a single Album.
    I totally agree! He is the most underrated GREAT singer.

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