Jason Mewes earning

Jason Mewes Net Worth

Jason Mewes updated net worth is estimated $5 Million. A well-known American film, TV actor and producer who rules the heart of many people, yes I’m talking about Jason Mewes who has amassed a huge net worth of 5 million dollars till now and plans to acquire a great deal in the future too.

His average yearly earning $2 million
Jason Mewes net worth: $5,000,000

He first starred in Kevin Smith’s film “clerks”, who was also a great friend of his. After this he got an opportunity to show his talent to the world and came into the spotlight.

Jason Mewes earning

He achieved tremendous amount of success and got offers of various films which he happily accepted.

Jason Mewes stats in these years
2011 $1,500,000
2012 $2,000,000
2013 $3,500,000
2014 $4,000,000
2015 $5,000,000

He also played Jason in Mallrats, Scream 3 and Bottoms Up by which he earned loads of money and we can obviously see this from where he stands today. He was just a normal school guy like us who belonged to an average family but now he has managed to become a millionaire in a very short span of time. Here are the few more notable earnings:

Vigilante Diaries (web series) $2,000,000
Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie $1,750,000
The Newest Pledge $1,000,000
“Noobz” $765,000
Spoilers with Kevin Smith $950,000
Monster wolf $900,000

I’m sure all of us absolutely love Nike and their advertisements are super amazing too. I personally am very addicted to their commercials. Jason Mewes also appeared on their commercials in 1998 and became a heart throb of millions of people. Especially women.

His good looks coupled with his amazing skills and talent have all transformed his personality and made his career successful in the television industry and we are so proud of him. No doubt, $5 million Jason Mewes worth is amazing and well deserved by him.

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