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Jay Harrington Net Worth

Jay Harrington net worth is $8 Million. In his youth, spent most of the time in a neighborhood where sports and other entertainment facilities were not available at all. In order to pass his free time in a good way, he joined a theater to learn the art of acting. The theater enriched him with more interest in acting and hence he decided to do something in his life with respect to acting.

An $8 Million worth star, his movies like True love, Benched, Guilty and American Reunion have earned him $649,350, $1.39 Million, $865,800 and $1.13 Million respectively.

Jay Harrington photo shows he is really a 8 million USD worth celebrity

He graduated with a degree of acting in theater to stamp his interest with professional and legal holding. He remained for some time in the city of New York to further practice theater work before moving to Los Angeles in the state of California to find opportunities for acting in films and TV.

I think he has done a good job according to his caliber. He has used his skills set according to the demands. He did not achieved a huge fame behind his name but did made his acting interest converted into a proper reality as he is a stable actor with good financial stability.

Enough Already, a comedy type film was his first ever debut appearance in the year 1998. This was followed by multiple guest appearances in the tv shows like The Pretender and Pacific Blue etc. These guest roles prepared him to learn and understand tv shows more properly, resulting into landing a job for him in his first ever drama, The Division. He continued to achieve success through getting roles in all kind of acting available, dramas and films.

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