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Jerry Seinfeld Net worth 2016 (Updated)

Jerry Seinfeld net worth in 2017 is $820 Million according to various sources. He is the professional Hollywood Actor, top richest comedian, writer who born in Brooklyn. I can write 5 pages about his financial success but let me start with co-written movie Bee Movie which generated business of overall $287.5 million while movie budget was only $150 million. In this movie he voice over the character “protagonist”.

Jerry Seinfeld comedian net worth 2015

  • Full Name: Jerome Allen Seinfeld
  • Jerry Seinfeld net worth: (USD) 820,000,000 (Updated, old one is $800 million)
  • Yearly Money: $46 million (without investments return)
  • Popular as Actor, comedian, writer

Honestly saying I always ignore comedians income, I never thought they can earn this big. After researching about Seinfeld I observed he is earning more then Hollywood man Tom Cruise and Bollywood King Shahrukh.

Jerry Seinfeld Actor, comedian net worth in these years (USD)

2011: 475,000,000
2012: $520,000,000
2013: $650,000,000
2014: $725,000,000
2015: $820,000,000

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is another co host and co producer program of him. He is taking $50 million per season for hosting this and no doubt he deserves. As I already wrote Jerry Seinfeld net worth is $820 million in 2015 which is only possible after investments like he do as a producer and stock market investments. Our website users also compare Jerry Seinfeld net worth with these celebs. (You must know who is most wealthiest)

Jerry Seinfeld is an great Observational comedy, Political satire, Black comedy artist from Brooklyn, New York. This American comedian started his career in 1976 and made his name step by step and now considered as 2nd richest comedian alive after Larry David.

Jerry Seinfeld picture 2015
Image from his Official FB page

His estimated earnings per year is $46M. Not just comedy show but he also earned money by signing these films and TV contracts: Bee Movie, Comedian, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hindsight Is 20/20, Louie, Pros & Cons, Saturday Night Live, The Marriage Ref, The Ratings Game, Top Five and few more. He also earns from different big brands sponsorship and featuring in TV/movies which amount is $5,000,000 annually on average basis. Now you how much Jerry Seinfeld net worth is. Don’t underestimate the comedians! This is practical example who earn more then any Hollywood actors.


He is particularly famous for his show “Seinfeld” in which he played the character of a comedian. His show was a big hit in the television industry and no doubt he accumulated a huge amount of fortune as a result of it. His net worth is estimated to be around 750 million dollars which makes him one of the richest people in the world. It is rumored that Jerry Seinfeld might become a billionaire in the near future.

Jerry has gained much popularity by his shows named the famous Late Night with David Letter. Coupled with this, his career reached to great heights when his show The Chronicles of Seinfeld came to limelight. He earned a huge amount of money by working in these shows and a study showed that in 2006 he earned $100 million, $60 million more in 2007, $85 million in year 2008, 2009 and additional $145 million afterwards.

This comedian holds a special place in the hearts of people that can be proven by the fact that all his shows get very high ratings and this is the major reason for this high net worth. Jerry has other sources of income too. He earned approximately 10 million by promoting Microsoft products as well. Jerry also owns a huge collection of luxury cars. The total of which is estimated to be 46! This affluent lifestyle clearly indicates how rich Jerry Seinfeld is.

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