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Jim Carrey Net worth 2015 and his luxury lifestyle

Jim Carrey net worth is $150 Million. I rate “James Eugene Redmond Carrey” as one of the best actor ever worked in the Hollywood shadow. I really admire his highly energetic performances. His dramatic and funny roles have made him one of the most successful in the business. He holds $150 Million as his current net worth which is $20 million more then last year. His current Malibu Beach house is for sale at $13.5 Million which he bought for $9.5 Million. You have to pay a price of $8,000/hour to get a ride of his private jet, GulfStream V.

Comedian Jim Carrey net worth is now near to $150MM

Short but comprehensive Jim’s money facts:

  • Jim Carrey net worth: $150,000,000
  • His annual earning: $25 million average including sponsors

You might have forgotten or do not recall who actually he is. Well, I must remind you 2 popular films, The Mask ($350M at box office) and Ace Ventura. He is the person behind the lead role and success of these 2 blockbusters. Here is few movies earning (his own income):

  1. Dumb and Dumber To: $23 Million
  2. Yes Man: $16 million
  3. Kick Ass 2: $8 million
  4. Masterminds: $15 million

Starting all this way back when he was just 15 as a stand up comedian, he further got promoted in to the same comedy field as a comic’s character. It was in 1983 when he got his 1st ever chance in Hollywood as it was for a film of TV category. This was the start and rise of a new force in the Hollywood.

Jim Carrey’s net worth stats in last 5 year:

2011: $88,000,000
2012: 100,000,000
2013: $125,000,000
2014: $130,000,000
2015: $150,000,000

He gained a huge popularity boost in 1994 by his amazing acting in Ace Ventura. This was followed by a number of successful acts in different films. Jim Carrey never lost any hope and continued working with an amazing success rate in the industry. He was one of the priority choices of film makers not only because of his acting skills but also the success and profit he brings with him.

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