jim skrip with his wife Vanessa

Jim Skrip Net Worth ($9 million)

“Jim Skrip” net worth get decline in this year from $10 million to $9 million. I.e his current net worth is $9,000,000. He is known as for his services in the series “Desperate Housewives” as well as he is also a former accountant. He got married this year (2015) with singer and actress by profession, “Vanessa Williams”, who was his girlfriend from a very long time.

  • Jim Skrip net worth: $10M
  • His annual earning: $3 million USD

Well, I personally think that this is the new birth of Jim when it comes to popularity and finances. He was not too much popular or I will not regret by saying that he was known by no one at all until he got married with Venessa Williams. Despite having an impressive net worth of $9 Million, his popularity has just started to boost up which is totally weird because he is an aged person now. With Venessa, the couple is now living with a current net worth of $40 Million as Venessa alone having a net worth of $30 Million.

jim skrip with his wife Vanessa
Vanessa Williams worth ($28M) and Jim Skrip worth ($9M only)

Jim Skrip wealth status in last few years

  • 2013: $6 million
  • 2014: $10 million (Big boost in earnings as well as net worth)
  • 2015: $9 million

Many of you will be shocked to read that he is having net worth of $9 Million without having much work in the industry. I must tell you all that he has achieved this much stability in finances because of his hard work as an accountant as well as his multiple investments.

Expecting rocking announcement and moves from Jim at the stage when he is 50 plus will be a stupid thing for sure. He was finished years ago, even before becoming or coming closed to be a developed actor. His acting is not the strongest thing. I am not complaining or targeting him but this is the reality.