Jinder Mahal salary, net worth (wrestler of 3MB tag team)

“Yuvraj Raj Dhesi” who actually became popular by his WWE name “Jinder Mahal”, is a dual nationality wrestler as India and Canada. He was previously signed with WWE and worked on number of different storylines. In his 3 years contract and so, he was committed to get maximum salary of $75,000 only which he would receive in his last year of the contract i.e. in 2014. He received a salary of $23,000 in his first main roster year of WWE i.e. in 2010 whereas he received an approximate salary of $54,500 in 2013. He left WWE with a net worth of $1.9 Million.

Jinder Mahal Salary/career earning 2015: $115,000
Winning and other Bonus $38,333
Jinder Mahal Net worth: $300,0000
Profession: Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income: $28,750
Born Place: Calgary, Canada
Born Date: 19-Jul-86
Full or real name: Yuvraj “Raj” Singh Dhesi
Market Value $575,000

He signed in 2009 with WWE and proved himself in Florida Wrestling Championship (FCW) and then won main roster chance in 2010 at ECW. He was later released from the WWE in 2014. He started his wrestling life at the Martial Arts Fitness Center situated in Calgary, Alberta preparing with previous WWE star “Razor Rick Titan” and contested at Martial Arts Wrestling (PMW). He also teamed up with his cousin “Gama Singh, Jr.” and wrestled as The Karachi Vice as well as Sikh n’ Destroy.

Year Jinder Mahal Salary Jinder Mahal wrestler Net worth Winning Bonus
2013-2014 $57,500 $162,162 $17,037
2014-2015 $79,310 $200,000 $25,556
2015 $115,000 $300,000 $38,333
2015-2017 (according to contract) $132,250
Total: $384,060 $662,162 $80,926

I think he was like most of Asian wrestlers, his fate kept on going down and down. The day he joined the 3MB tag team, it was the day I think a last step towards his very own destruction. He never had an amazing time in WWE in fact was just useless.

Calgary, Canada is the place where he was born. Jinder Mahal is one of the best professional wrestler who was born on 19-Jul-86 .According to Forbes 2015 salary, Yuvraj “Raj” Singh Dhesi is earning $115,000 per year while winning bonus is $38,000 Now you know how much Jinder Mahal earns. He has a market value of $575,000 .In 2015 expected payroll of Jinder Mahal is $132,250.

A majority of wrestlers used him as for their beating purposes and to gain popularity and when he said that he still only wants to work for WWE, I believe he has again destroyed his own path because now TNA is obviously not going to hire him at all.