JTG salary, net worth – not able to receive a good earnings

“Jayson Anthony Paul” better known in wrestling by his another name “JTG”. He became popular when he was a tag team partner of Cryme Tyme with “Shad Gaspard”. He had a net worth nearly to $4 Million but after his release from WWE, his net worth dropped to a shocking $1.3 Million. Almost 8 years he spent in the industry but still was not able to receive a good salary. He received $53,000 in 2013 and his last year in 2014 he received $59,600 salary from WWE.

I think JTG was a bit part of racism. He was always blamed and targeted for the things which if others do were not actually targeted at all.

JTG Salary/career earning 2015: $135,000
Winning and other Bonus $45,000
JTG Net worth: $400,0000
Profession: Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income: $33,750
Born Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Born Date: 10-Dec-84
Full or real name: Jayson Anthony Paul
Market Value $675,000

He started his wrestling in 2006 working in the WWE with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) as “The Neighborhoodie“. He created a team with Shad Gaspard and named it as The Gang-Stars. They won tag titles 2 times in that promotion.

Year JTG Salary JTG wrestler Net worth Winning Bonus
2013-2014 $67,500 $216,216 $20,000
2014-2015 $93,103 $266,667 $30,000
2015 $135,000 $400,000 $45,000
2015-2017 (according to contract) $155,250
Total: $450,853 $882,883 $95,000

In 2006 the group was removed from OVW and was placed on RAW as team name Cryme Tyme. In 2007, both were fired by WWE. Cryme Time was introduced back in the WWE in the year 2008 to bring some more fun acts in the industry. JTG was later released from the WWE in 2014.

Brooklyn, New York, United States is the place where he was born. JTG is one of the best professional wrestler who was born on 10-Dec-84 .According to Forbes 2015 salary, Jayson Anthony Paul is earning $135,000 per year while winning bonus is $45,000 Now you know how much JTG earns. He has a market value of $675,000 .In 2015 expected payroll of JTG is $155,250.

The fans loved the acts of him and his partner like stealing and messing around but WWE did had some disliking with this character and hence he was never being promoted further. I believe currently how he blames some higher people for racism in WWE is actually true.